Weather and Air Quality Forecasting Applications Workshop
 Monday, 22-Jul-2019 - Tuesday, 23-Jul-2019
 Earth System Sciences Interdisciplinary Center, University of Maryland
 NASA Global Precipitation Measurement
 Agenda (PDF, 53.9 KB)
This two-day workshop will focus on current applications and future opportunities for NASA precipitation, cloud, and aerosol satellite data and products to support numerical weather prediction (NWP) and air quality forecasting activities. Hosted by the Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) mission applications team, this invitation-only workshop will bring together representatives from operational agencies, companies and organizations with NWP modeling activities and air quality forecasting programs to discuss how GPM products could be better leveraged for NWP and forecasting efforts. The workshop will also include discussion of the Aerosol, Clouds, Convection and Precipitation (A-CCP) mission concept, and its potential for advancing NWP and Air Quality applications. A-CCP is currently undergoing a mission concept and architecture study as one of the Designated Observables identified in the National Academy of Sciences 2018 Earth Science and Applications from Space.
The main objectives of the workshop are:
  • Technical presentations and discussions on how GPM data products and other data in NASA¬ís current mission suite are being assimilated within NWP modeling and opportunities for future applications.
  • Discussion of issues (challenges and barriers) related to the assimilation of satellite observations into NWP models (specifically for GPM) and opportunities for Air Quality forecasting.
  • Discuss how potential future measurements from the A-CCP concept study may be utilized by the NWP and Air Quality Forecast community, outlining the opportunities, needs, and challenges in directly using these satellite data products within this space.
  • Increase awareness of the needs of the NWP and Air Quality Forecast community for future research developments and collaboration.