AOS Applications Seminar: Successful Applications of Satellite Data Products in Air Quality Monitoring and Public Health Research and Decision Support
 Thursday, 09-Mar-2023

Seminar Speaker: Dr. Yang Liu, Emory University

Over the past two decades, satellite remote sensing instruments has seen applications beyond their original design parameters and made great advancement in generating a wide range of societal benefits. Certain satellite data products are now widely known to researchers outside the remote sensing communities, air quality managers, and public health agencies worldwide. With successful current applications come excitement and expectations of future satellite missions and their products. However, integrating satellite data into research, operations, and policy making in non-remote sensing fields is challenging and requires careful planning, relationship building, and funding support. This presentation will provide examples of successful applications of satellite data products in air quality monitoring and public health research and decision support. Lessons learned on promoting the applications of new satellite data products in the areas of air quality and public health using the upcoming MAIA mission as a case study will be shared.