AOS Applications Seminar: The VEDA Platform: Lowering the Barrier to Entry for Earth Science Applications
 Thursday, 25-May-2023
 1:00PM-2:00PM Eastern Time

Seminar Speaker: Dr. Brian Freitag (NASA MSFC)

NASA's Visualization, Exploration, and Data Analysis (VEDA) project is an open-source science cyberinfrastructure for data processing, visualization, exploration, and geographic information systems (GIS) capabilities. Developed collaboratively and mostly reusing existing open-source components, VEDA consolidates GIS delivery mechanisms, processing platforms, analysis services, and visualization tools and provides an ecosystem of open tools for addressing Earth science research and application needs through the public-facing VEDA Dashboard. In this presentation, Dr. Freitag will provide an overview of VEDA and how it can potentially serve the AOS community.