AOS Applications Seminar: POWER Project Taking Earth Science to Actionable Decisions
 Thursday, 13-Jul-2023

Seminar Speaker: Dr. Falguni Patadia (NASA LARC)

NASA Prediction Of Worldwide Energy Resources (POWER) project improves decision-making in renewable energy, sustainable infrastructure and agroclimatology application areas. POWER achieves this by providing reliable, value-added, application-ready solar and meteorological datasets that span a data record of more than 40 years. To lower the barriers to use these datasets, POWER also provides users with a range of services, including data analysis and visualization tools, APIs, Geospatial image services and data access through NASA managed AWS cloud. Through the integration of modern technology in its infrastructure and workflows, POWER has witnessed a significant increase in demand and usage. Over the past five year, POWER has received more than 340 million data requests (equivalent to 110 terabytes of data) from over 730,000 unique users worldwide. In this presentation, Dr Patadia provides an overview of the POWER Project, highlighting the learnings on how it takes Earth Science to enable actionable decisions in the real world.