AOS Applications Seminar: Utilizing Observations, DA, & Models to Support Hurricane Research & Prediction: A NOAA Perspective
 Thursday, 06-Apr-2023
Seminar Speakers: Jack Beven (NOAA/NHC), Rob Rogers (NOAA/AOML), Frank Marks (NOAA/AOML)

The Atmosphere Observing System (AOS) mission will facilitate advances in severe weather monitoring and forecasting by providing revolutionary and novel satellite observations of cloud and precipitation processes responsible for severe weather events. These groundbreaking observations will enhance existing datasets used in weather forecast models and for weather monitoring that will directly support research and operational weather forecasters and hurricane modelers. In this seminar, invited panelists from NOAA centers and laboratories will discuss their current uses and data gaps of remote sensing products for hurricane research and forecasting. Panelists' presentations will be followed by a discussion facilitated by the Applications Impact Team. All are welcome to participate and ask questions during the discussion portion of the seminar.